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DT-206 scale and corrosion inhibitor of oil field recycle waterflood

2014-01-04 13:52:37

DT-206scale and corrosion inhibitor of oil fieldrecycle waterflood

1, Properties

    InhibitorDT-206is formed by a variety of organic phosphate, special surface active agent, synergist, etc.It can chelate withCa2 Mg2 and prevent scale formation by lattice distortion ability .; It has good chelating dispersion with calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, etc. DT-206 is mainly used for oil production and pipeline scale, to prevent the scale formation from causing  fouling, clogging pipelines.InhibitorDT-206has high temperature, alkali, salt tolerance, stability in oiland low doses.

2, Specification

Item index
Yellow brown or reddish brown liquid
Solid content%  ≥
Total phosphorus content%   ≥
pH (1% solution)
2.0 ± 1.5
Density (20 ℃) g / cm 3       ≥

3,Using method

Add the daily scale inhibitor DT-206 required to theplastic bucket (or tank) .In order to be convenient, add Pharmacy continuously by a metering pump or adjusting the valves after dilution with water. According to the water injection, the dosage is generally10 ~ 50mg / L,specific dosage should be determined according to water quality.

4,Package and Storage

InhibitorDT-206packed with plastic drum,25kg/drum,200kg/drum or confirmed by clients. Stored in a cool and dry place, storage for ten months.
5,Safety Protection:

Acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.

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